SE.CI. S.r.l.

SE.CI. S.r.l.

Servizi Edili Complementari Integrati

Design, develop and manage the whole building process from the customers’ ideas and needs to the end works, included those complementary services which make the difference.

SOCECA Costruzioni S.r.l.

SOCECA Costruzioni S.r.l.

Società Costruzioni Edili Cemento Armato

Rebuilding of production layouts, building of special foundations, upgrade of buildings in compliance with laws and regulations.

Real.VI. S.r.l.

Real.VI. S.r.l.

Realizzazioni Alto Valore Immobiliare

It deals with brownfield sites development, aiming at transforming them into residential estates or community and social areas

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The last property designed and manufactured by SOCECA

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    EP 29. Cislago


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Soceca adopted a Code of Ethics

with decision of the Board of Director on the 29th August 2016, following the directions of the italian regulation D.Lgs 231/2001.

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Soceca S.r.l.

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