Corporate Policy

Our values and goals

Transparency and fairness towards employees, customers and suppliers are among Soceca Costruzioni’s essential values.

The company has always been supportive to its employees and compliant with the law on welfare contributions, salaries and lifelong learning programmes.

As for its relationship to customers, Soceca Costruzioni s.r.l guarantees respect of all contractual agreements and schedules, high standards during works and use of materials compliant with the regulations.

Through a constant supervision of suppliers and subcontractors, Soceca Costruzioni s.r.l. supports companies which operate in the name of transparency and fairness; verifying therefore tax compliance certificates of any third parts involved.

In the wake of this spirit, Soceca Costruzioni s.r.l. applied to the AGCM (Italian Antitrust Authority) to be awarded a Legality Rating in March 2014. Since 2012, Italian companies can be entitled an ethical rating – called Legality Rating – if they comply with ethical principles and promote them. Another important aspect of Soceca’s corporate policy concerns its qualitative environmental and sustainability standards during building processes. Soceca Costruzioni relies on highly qualified companies for the transport and disposal of toxic waste and discarded material. In 2000 Socceca Costruzioni was certified by the Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali – Sezione Regionale della Lombardia n. MI 18919 Classe 10° ( National Authority for the Environment – Lombardy Regional Department) to carry out asbestos removal procedures. This allowed the company to actively participate in removing carcinogenic asbestos cement sheets and to substitute them with new, anti-toxic and sustainable materials. All wastes resulting from the processing cycle are separately collected and then disposed according to currently applicable standards, so as to constantly protect the environment, the workers’ health and the final customers. The quality of the productive process is granted by daily controls of the building sites by the chief project engineers who carefully scrutinize the procedures. They also double-check side operations, such as the disposal of waste materials and the appropriate use of materials, so as to avoid useless consumption of resources.

Soceca Costruzioni s.r.l., thanks to engineering support by SE.CI. s.r.l, has built residential units in energy class “A”, namely EP 29, ad hoc studied to reduce the environmental impact and the exploitation of resources. This innovative project is aimed at offering high-qualitative living solutions at low environmental impact.

The so called “Green Building” focuses on the energy class of buildings, promoting for example geothermal and photovoltaic power for heating, domestic water and electricity.

Soceca Costruzioni s.r.l. reaffirms its own commitment to protect the environment and reduce pollution. This has already brought about satisfactory results and the company wishes to follow the same path in the years to come.

Transparency, accuracy and respect

for the environment.

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