SE.CI s.r.l.

Servizi Edili Complementari Integrati

SE.CI s.r.l. is a branch of Gruppo SO.CE.CA s.r.l.

SE.CI s.r.l. stands for Servizi Edili Complementari Integrati (Complementary Integrated Building Services) and is a branch of Gruppo SO.CE.CA s.r.l. The core business of SE.CI. s.r.l is to design, develop and manage the whole building process from the customers’ ideas and needs to the end works, included those complementary services which make the difference. SE.CI. studies and integrates the architectural and structural aspects of the project with all necessary installations and safety elements. The success of a project is due first and foremost to the ability of a company to supply and manage all the complementary services a client is looking for. SE.CI s.r.l.’s role is to interpret its clients’ needs and to advance technical solutions which can avoid and/or overcome problems which might occur during construction.

SE.Ci is professionalism, cheapness and organization to provide the best result.


SE.CI s.r.l. Projects

SE.CI. s.r.l. takes care of all necessary documents to obtain planning permissions for industrial and residential buildings.

The company’s residential buildings stand out for their contemporary taste which is modelled on the clients’ needs and for the prime quality of the materials which guarantee excellent, long-lasting results.

SE.CI. s.r.l.’s projects comply with legal standards in force and aim at obtaining planning permissions in various sectors.

The company offers architectural and structural designs based on reinforced concrete and metal grid calculations – complete with geotechnical investigations - as well as the design of industrial and assembly line layouts. The Engineering division of SE.CI. s.r.l. is managed by in-house engineers who work with the clients’ technicians to understand and evaluate the specific functional and economical needs.

Once the design is ready, SE.CI s.r.l. prepares the necessary documentation for the contractor to call for tender: bill of quantities, scope statements, final designs and Gantt charts. These are a fundamental instrument used to set and follow a time schedule.

During the executive phase, SE.CI s.r.l. guarantees the respect of time schedules thanks to the constant monitoring by its engineers who specifically time all building processes and are in charge of worksite safety.

Such monitoring is carried out by qualified professionals who rely on the previously agreed Gantt chart and are able, if necessary, to intervene and modify the time schedules to reach the set goals.

Complementary Services


SE.CI. s.r.l was established with the idea of offering its customers complementary services which are necessary during construction operations; needless to say, this made the company gain ground against its competitors.

SE.CI s.r.l added these complementary services to ensure to its customers that it can manage the whole project, reducing as much as possible the need of subcontractors.

Last but not least, SE.CI s.r.l. offers equipment rental services so that both private clients and companies can access state-of-the-art heavy machines without the need of purchasing them.Do not hesitate to contact our offices for further information on costs and services.


The Best results are when we work together

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