EXPO2015 is the next scheduled Universal Exposition which will be hosted in Milan from May 1st to October 31st 2015. The theme chosen for the exposition is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”; more than 147 countries, international organisations and the civil society will take part in it. The event will be held on a surface of 1 million square metres and more than 20 million visitors are expected to come from all over the world. They will be able to visit the pavilions following theme-based itineraries to find out information on global nutrition and sustainable agriculture.

Giovanni Rimoldi, Technical Director of Soceca Costruzioni was named Participant Technical Supervisor (PTS) and Logistic Manager (PLM) for the Israeli Pavilion “Fields of Tomorrow”. The role of a PTS is to supervise the initial building and the final dismantling of the Self-Built Exhibition Space aimed at hosting the Israeli Pavilion, which will take up more than 2000 square metres.

During his activity he will be in charge of monitoring the building-site operations leading to the completion of the modern project of the Israeli Pavilion “Fields of Tomorrow”. Israel is a young country having indeed a millenary agricultural tradition and is nowadays at the forefront of technology in the field of desertification –sensitive areas. Visitors will be attracted by the stunning verticality of the pavilion and will follow an edutainment (education + entertainment) approach to discover Israeli sophisticated engineering techniques.

According to Giovanni “Expo2015 is a great revival opportunity for Milan and Italy as a whole. As a professional, I’m glad to be able to work for such a smart, cutting-edge project. Furthermore, this experience is highly exciting on a professional level because Expo2015 has at the same time an international approach and local relevance”.

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