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From the project to the realization up to the operations and the maintenance of the building.
It is important that all workers feel that they belong to a company that satisfies and can grow them, that professionals are bound by an impulse of innovation and responsibility, and that all equipment is available and efficient.


Integrated Complementary Building Services

Design, develop and manage the whole building process from the customers’ ideas and needs to the end works, included those complementary services which make the difference.


SOCECA Construction

SOCECA Costruzioni S.r.l.

Rebuilding of production layouts, building of special foundations, upgrade of buildings in compliance with laws and regulations.



Realizzazioni Alto Valore Immobiliare

It deals with brownfield sites development, aiming at transforming them into residential estates or community and social areas.


SOCECA offers always the best solutions to costumer’s exigencies.

Targets are achieved thanks to an internal organization that leads the costumer in all the phases of the construction process with professionality and knowledges from the design to the realization, the operations and the maintenance of the building.

Guaranteed quality

Our mission

The board of Soceca guarantees the highest targets as defined in the commercial agreements with the clients.
Since 1996 Soceca is dealing with a system of certification of quality that assures high standards with an independent certification committee BVQI.

Synergy and Competence

Our policy

The policy of Soceca group is to use synergy and competence in order to develop corporate strategy that is respectful for:

  • Ethical matters
  • Sustainability
  • Quality of production process
  • Corporate responsibility


Our guarantees

Soceca is ISO 9001 certified since 1998 and EN 1090 and agreed with the Statute of this certification.
Every short period Soceca is checking and renewing his corporate structure in order to keep on respecting the high standards quality of the CQOP Certification Committee for Public works in the Italian Republic.

Our headquarters

Every single project – be it industrial or residential – starts off in the technical offices.
In 1984 headquarters, the team of architects, engineers and surveyors meet to work on the orders. Teamwork counts as added value for the company since, under the supervision of a Project Manager, all members of the staff have something to share with their colleagues in the name of the whole project. Soceca Costruzioni s.r.l. wants each of its employees to stand out and feel appreciated so that the whole company can benefit from a passionate working environment. The company is proud of this strength point.
Soceca Constructions is committed to enhancing the characteristics of each of its collaborators and the company draws strength from the human capital that is passionately dedicated to work. This is an added value and a strength that the company is proud of.
In 2007 all the operational units such as direction, technical and administrative offices were moved from Saronno to Cislago, in the new headquarters of the company which cover a surface of more than 500 square mq. The new offices were built to offer the employees a broad, modern and comfortable environment to carry out their tasks The new office area is designed to offer its employees the opportunity to work in a spacious, bright, modern environment with every comfort.

An entire floor of the building is dedicated to the offices; there are then an inner yard, a private parking lot and a multifunctional room which can be used for courses and meetings..
On the top floor there’s a terraced room complete with a relax area where employees can have a coffee or spend their lunch break. This common area is self-explanatory of the company’s care for its employees’ well-being and quality of work. This latest predisposition is synonymous with the attention that Soceca Constructions places towards the quality of the work and the well-being of its employees and collaborators.
The warehouse, complete with all necessary facilities, is used for production and stocking of materials and equipment. It is located in the premises of the headquarters allowing better coordination with the workers who need to reach different building sites. They are adjacent to the building of the offices of Soceca Constructions and this proximity allows to have a good coordination with the workers who have to be located on the various construction sites.