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One of the most beautiful achievements of Soceca Construction is situated on a picturesque hill of the tranquil Lake Orta, in the municipality of Pettenasco. The project of the PRR Architects Firm, finished in 2010, found the enthusiasm of the private client who was looking for a house-shelter, immersed in nature to spend weekends and holidays away from the city frenzy. The landscape of the lake, still wild and not overly urbanized, with the peaks of the mountains always whitewashed on the horizon, inspired the project of a low-speed, visually and environmentally friendly house.

“The slope of the lot with the lake view is already the project itself” says Stefano Rigoni, founding partner of PRR Architects, adding: “The basic idea was to build a discreet house that would be seen as little as possible on every side and that was really a piece of the landscape, building a completely natural effect, as if there had always been and was an integral part of the territory.”

The entrance to the house is at the top of the lot, which is accessed directly from a road in the coast; the architectural design, taking advantage of the slope of the ground, provides that it is possible to get to the inhabited heart of the house through an internal staircase. Going down, the view gradually opens to the landscape, while the gaze embraces the environments that develop on a horizontal line overlooking the garden with large windows.

The small rooms are divided by sliding walls and can all be open, leaving the interior space undivided, almost as a natural continuation of the outdoor landscape. The kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and guests’ rooms are permeated by the view that imposes itself as an essential element of the space. The attention to detail and materials used characterizes the architectural imprint: exposed concrete, solid oak, natural stone and essential furniture, perfectly placed in the context and that recall vintage atmospheres in Scandinavian style. The light that filters from the large windows is the absolute protagonist.

The project is a full expression of the philosophy of which Soceca Constructions is the bearer: respect for the territory, sustainable construction and total harmonization of architecture in the landscape; all while respecting the wishes of the client.