Soceca group is leading all the staff members and the professionals that are working with the Company to share its values and working together for common tasks.

It’s important for all workers to feel as part of the Company, that helps to have it growing with strength. All professionals and employees have to be conscious of their importance in the Company structure as well as feeling as an important tile of the mosaic.



Technical office





Giovanni Rimoldi

Chairman of the board

Ing. Paolo Banfi

Project Engineer - Responsible for quality standards - ISO 9001

Check responsible for building projects - EN 1090

Geom. Daniele Gandini

Project manager and responsible for work safety

Geom. Vincenzo Caputo

Building site assistant

Alberto Rimoldi

Chief executive officer

Monica Gasparini

Administration’s office responsible

Laura Delle Foglie

Technical office and administration secretariat

Dott.ssa Daria Rimoldi

External relations and communication

16 workers divided into various teams are facing the different project in the building construction.

Endless training and safety certifications are always provided to the workers team.

Our vehicles and machineries

Tecnologia al servizio

Our partners

Quality guarantees


Transparency, accuracy and respect

for the environment.

Renew Legality Rating - 2018

Soceca Costruzioni renewed the Legality Rating in 2018.

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